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The Sluch System

The system for monitoring of the smoothness of the conveyance movement and the emergency repair signaling system Sluch is designed to collect and analyze data from acceleration sensors, pressure and control of the rope inlet mounted on the lifting vessel during its movement along the shaft in real time, and also for coordinating the actions of the technological personnel located on or in the conveyanceand the operator of the mine hoisting machine during the operations for the transportation of people, inspection and repair work in the shaft.

Application area

The Sluch system is designed for use on conveyancein vertical and inclined shafts, including mine shafts of mining enterprises.

Main advantages:

  • increasing the intervals of inspections of the support and reinforcement of the shafts of hoisting mashines to 1 week (according to paragraph 433 of the “Safety Rules for Mining and Processing of Solid Minerals” of the Russian Federation);
  • data transfer from the conveyancein real time and at high speeds;
  • while analyzing the information received, it is possible to compare it with the archived data at a given time interval;
  • high interference protection;
  • possibility of parallel operation in the shaft of a number of radio channels;
  • digitaltransmissionofthespeechsignal;
  • high degree of protection against external influences (atmospheric and mechanical);
  • compact size.

All the system for monitoring of the smoothness of the conveyance movement and the emergency repair signaling system Sluch versions include the following devices:

  • engine room station (CMO) – 1 pc;
  • remote operator’s console (VPM) – 1 pc;
  • data visualization device – 1 piece;
  • stationary receiver-transmitter (PPS) – 1 pc;
  • receiver-transmitter of the conveyance(PPS) – 1 or 2 pcs;
  • conveyance processing unit (BOPS) – 1 or 2 pieces;
  • sourse of self-contained power supply – 2 or 4 pieces;
  • charger – 1 or 2 pcs;
  • mobile control panel with voice talk function
  • sensors of monitoring the horizontal acceleration of the сonveyance;
  • sensors ofconveyanceinclination angle;
  • theсonveyance position sensor .

The following devices can be included:

  • sensors on request.

Functional area

When using the Sluch system as a device for monitoring the movement of the сonveyancealong the shaft, the following functions are performed:

  • definition of quantity and direction of linear acceleration of the сonveyanceduring movement along the shaft and transfer of measured data ​​to the computer complex at grass in real time;
  • measurement of the deviation angle from the vertical axis of the сonveyanceduring the movement;
  • and transfer of the measured values ​​to the computer complex at grass in real time;
  • calculation according to the sensor (absolute encoder) data or the reception of data from the control circuit of the hoisting machine via digital communication channels information on the location of the сonveyancein the shaft;
  • processing of the results obtained with reference to the values ​​of accelerations and angles of inclination to the location of the сonveyancein the shaft, with the construction of graphs and diagrams;
  • formation of warning messages and blocking signals in the control system of the hoisting machine and the visualization device;
  • creation of a database for analysis of monitoring results.

Sluch system performs the following functions of emergency repair signaling:

  • monitoring the condition of the sensors for the intake or tension of the rope, as well as for other sensors installed on the сonveyance(the positions of cage stops, doors, skip shutters, etc.);
  • two-way voice communication between the hoistemanand personnel on the top of the conveyance during inspection and repair work in the shaft;
  • supply of code single-shock signals from the conveyanceto form a running command and allowing the movement of the vessel signal for use in the control scheme of the hoisting machine;
  • transfer by the personnel on the conveyanceduring repair or inspection of the barrel of the emergency stop and lock commands and the generation of appropriate signals for use in the control circuit of the hoisting machine;

In all modes of operation Sluch system allows:

  • continuous monitoring of the charge level of an autonomous power source;
  • continuous monitoring of the status of all components of the system with the issuance of messages about the presence of malfunctions on the visualization device;
  • maintaining an archive of monitoring data, equipment status, filed navigation commands and sensor status.

The system has an audio output for connection to the recording device of negotiations.

The equipment allows you to configure the system directly from the visualization device without reinstalling the software.

Operation conditions and main technical characteristics:

  • area of ​​application – UHL, application category according to GOST 15150-69: 1,4, 5
  • ambient temperature: -40 °C to + 40 °C
  • permissible air dust content: up to 2500 mg / m³
  • permissible relative humidity (at 25 ° C): up to 100%
  • rated supply voltage: 220 V AC, 12 V DC
  • operating frequency range: 2,4002 … 2,4785 GHz
  • maximum radiated power of the transceiver: 100 mW
  • sensitivity of the receiver: -106 dBm
  • transmission range at the speed in the radio channel is 125 kbit / s: not less than 1500 m
  • IP degree of protection by housing: IP65
  • battery life on a fully charged battery: at least 130 hours
  • range of linear acceleration measurements: ± 14g
  • measuring range of inclination angle: ± 15 °