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Software complex “Freight flow”

The “Freight flow” software complex is an energy-efficient, trouble-free continuous management of thetransport system, ore mining productivity, which makes it possible to model the transportation processin the future, charge ore flows and accumulate ore on the conveyor belt.

Calculation algorithm of the “Freight flow” software:

  • conducts continuous determination of the throughput of conveyor lines,
  • compares it to the performance of mining and tunneling complexes,
  • predicts emerging bottlenecks in the ore delivery system,
  • takes countermeasures in advance.

Advantages of the software package

  • ease of learning (simple, logical interface)
  • the ability to export data
  • reliability

Composition of the “Freight flow” software

  • object editor
  • schematic editor
  • simulator
  • the event log

One of the reasons leading to financial losses is the stoppage of the conveyor transport of the horizon along the upper level in the underground level of the ore. And this can be dozens of conveyors with a total length of over ten kilometers. The software and hardware complex “Freight flow”, simulating the operation of the transport system, provide the operator with information about filling the bunker in advance, for example, after 30 minutes. And the operator will have enough time to make a decision. And in the absence of a solution, the system will turn off only the panel conveyors, leaving the main ones to work and, thereby, will allow the lines to be restarted less painfully.

In addition, the “Freight flow” software and hardware complex allows avoiding losses associated with the overlap of ore flows coming from the working face with flows from other working and preparation faces. This overlap will result in the ore level on the conveyor belt being exceeded. And these are spills, filling of transfer points from one conveyor to another and, as a result, stopping the conveyor line. The calculation algorithm of Freight flow continuously determines the throughput of conveyor lines, comparing it with the productivity of mining and tunneling operations, predicting emerging bottlenecks in the ore delivery system and taking countermeasures in advance.

Our company provides technical support and service maintenance of the software systems supplied to the customer.

The software and hardware complex “Freight flow” implemented:

  • an algorithm for stabilizing the level of ore in the underground bunker, when the capacity of the conveyor system corresponds to the capacity of the lifting unit;
  • an algorithm for ore blending to average its quality in order to optimize the beneficiation processes;
  • and an algorithm for the accumulation of ore on the conveyor belt, to increase the storage area of the material.
The software package is supplied complete with a server and a work (client) station.