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Conveyor control system

Industrial Machine Control Unit
Industrial Machine Control Unit is intended for building distributed systemscontrol and guidance of process equipment (pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers, crushers, etc.).
Belt Optical Scales
Transporting by conveyor material is brightening by tight beam, that contour material, conveyor belt chute and is projecting to the digital video camera matrix. We use laser as a source of light. The video camera is situated in Video Processing Unit of Cross Section Area Measuring Device. Object shooting and cross section area calculation of transporting material is doing till 15 times per second. Average cross section area per second transfere to Processing Unit for the later processing or to the existing technological object’s control system.
Software complex “Freight flow”
The “Freight flow” software complex is an energy-efficient, trouble-free continuous management of the transport system, ore mining productivity, which makes it possible to model the transportation process in the future, charge ore flows and accumulate ore on the conveyor belt.
Encoder conveyor belt speed control sensor DKSE
The encoder sensor for controlling the speed of the conveyor belt is designed for continuous control of the speed of the belt of the conveyors installed at industrial facilities of the chemical, mining, construction, food and other industries.
Sensors safety control unit
BKD-2-EM and BKD-2-I are smart devices with built-in software. This allows additional diagnostics of the state of the channel line (CH1 - CH4), self-diagnostics of the health of internal circuits, activation of safety functions in the event of a change in the state of the line or internal electronics failures.