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The Sluch System
The system for monitoring of the smoothness of the conveyance movement and the emergency repair signalling system Sluch is designed to collect and analyze data from acceleration sensors, pressure and control of the rope inlet mounted on the conveyance during its movement along the shaft in real-time, and also for coordinating the actions of the technological personnel located on or in the conveyance and the operator of the mine hoisting machine during the operations for the transportation of people, inspection and repair work in the shaft.
Industrial Machine Control Unit
Industrial Machine Control Unit is intended for building distributed systemscontrol and guidance of process equipment (pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers, crushers, etc.).
Vibration and Temperature Sensor with Digital Signal Processing
The sensor is designed for continuous monitoring of vibration and temperature parameters of machines and mechanisms with the aim of ensuring their trouble-free functioning. The sensor may be a part of vibration protection and vibration monitoring systems and provide vibration and thermal protection remote facilities, which do not provide the constant presence of personnel.
Industrial Accelerometer ATS-3D
The ATS-3D industrial accelerometer is designed to measure projections of absolute linear acceleration, as well as to control the temperature of the bodies of mechanisms and machines on which it is installed. The PassatInnovation accelerometer measures linear acceleration in three axes. Besides, ATS-3D accelerometers do not require a secondary converter for signal processing. Data is transmitted in RS485 format using the Modbus RTU data transfer protocol.
Belt Optical Scales
Transporting by conveyor material is brightening by tight beam, that contour material, conveyor belt chute and is projecting to the digital video camera matrix. We use laser as a source of light. The video camera is situated in Video Processing Unit of Cross Section Area Measuring Device. Object shooting and cross section area calculation of transporting material is doing till 15 times per second. Average cross section area per second transfere to Processing Unit for the later processing or to the existing technological object’s control system.