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Industrial Machine Control Unit

Industrial Machine Control Unit is intended for building distributed systemscontrol and guidance of process equipment (pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers, crushers, etc.).

Fields of application

  • mining enterprises,
  • processing plants,
  • enterprises for the manufacture of building mixtures and materials,
  • enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.

Advantages of the Industrial Machine Control Unit

The Industrial Machine Control Unit is installed at the technological equipmentlocation and enables to realizedistributed management systemsbuilding, as well as guidance of  single objects, may be used as an input-output system.

In comparison with centralized control systems, when for a group mechanisms one controller installed in the electrical room is used, Industrial Machine Control Unit allows:

  • to exclude the organization of routes and the laying of control cables large
  • capacity between the electric room and the local mechanism post;
  • reduce the amount of electrical installation, because number of connections to local post remains the same, with no connections from the outside
  • controller installed in the electrical room;
  • to ensure the transfer of information in digital format to the control controller by “twisted” pair;
  • to ensure the unification of control systems of the same type.

Industrial Machine Control Unit are supplied with preinstalled software, which allows to handle the mechanism immediately after connecting process sensors, ensuring a shorter lead time putting the constructing facilities into operation.

From the field devices, the Industrial Machine Control Unit can be connected:

  • 10 process sensors;
  • 7 emergency stop sensors;
  • 2 analog signals 4-20 mA or 2 impulse sensors (for example, speed sensors) or 1 analog signal 4-20 mA and 1 pulse sensor.

When building a distributed control network, the Industrial Machine Control Unit allows data exchange via the Modbus network with top-level devices. If the control algorithm is implemented at the upper level, the BUPM will provide operation in the data I / O mode.

Power supply: 230 V AC frequency of 50 Hz
Configuration of free inputs
Inputs of process sensors: 10
Type of digital input: Namur
Controlled states: closed, open, open, short-circuit
Galvanic isolation, V: 1000
Emergency Stop Inputs: 7
Controlled states: closed, open, short-circuit
Multi-function inputs: 2
Analog, mA 4-20
Measurement of signal frequency, not more, Hz 100
Galvanic isolation, V 1000
Number of communication interfaces: 1
Type of communication interface RS485 Modbus Slave
Speed with segment length up to 100 m, kbit / s: 115,2
Operating mode continuous
Ambient temperature: 0 to plus 45°C
Degree of protection by a casing in accordance with GOST 14254-96 IP65
Weight not more than 8 kg