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Belt Optical Scales

Belt Optical Scales are intended for measuring weight (volume) of bulk materials transporting by conveyors.

Fields of application:

  • Chemical and mining industry;
  • Enterprises of building industry;
  • Enterprises of agricultural industry;
  • Food industry enterprises;
  • Technological processes of other industries, where continuous measurement of bulk materials weight, consumption and dosing is required.

Main advantages of Belt Optical Scales:

  • the absence of mechanical contact with the conveyor moving parts;
  • assembling doesn’t demand of interference to the conveyor structure;
  • ability to measure on incline parts;
  • it’s enough even limited space for scales mounting at working place;
  • the installation at the conveyors with the belt width from 400 till 2000 mm;
  • ability to control conveyor belt overtail;
  • monitoring the presence of large-sized material on the belt;
  • data transfer via Modbus, Ethernet or Profibus (on the request Customers);
  • photofixation by event (belt overtail, oversided material and so on).

Belt Optical Scales consist of Сross Sectional Area Measuring Device (UIPS) and Processing and Visualization Unit (BOV).

Сross Sectional Area Measuring Device (UIPS)

Transporting by conveyor material is brightening by tight beam, that contour material, conveyor belt chute and is projecting to the digital video camera matrix. We use laser as a source of light. The video camera is situated in Video Processing Unit of Cross Section Area Measuring Device.

Object shooting and cross section area calculation of transporting material is doing till 15 times per second. Average cross section area per second transfere to Processing Unit for the later processing or to the existing technological object’s control system.

The output interface is Ethernet. The protocol is Modbus TCP.

Cross Sectiom Area Measuring Device is implemented on the basis of three units fixed on a special steel beam of rectangular cross-section:

  • video processing unit;
  • source of laser irradiance;
  • power unit.

Processing and Visualization Unit (BOV)

Processing and Visualization Unit (BOV) receive data from Cross Sectional Area Measuring Device (UIPS), data from the conveyor belt speed sensor or conveyor speed data from the existing automation system and calculates the volume of the transported material.

Based on the entered bulk density, the current weight productivity of the conveyor at the measuring point is calculated. The result can be given in the form of a current signal 4 – 20 mA or in digital form according to the exchange protocol accepted by the customer. In the case of the technological object management system, the calculation of the volume and the current weight productivity can be realized on the existing means of the customer’s automated process control system. In this case, there is no need for a processing unit.

Conditions of use:

  • climatic category – UHL4 according to GOST 15150;
  • ambient air temperature – from 0 0С to +45 0С;
  • relative humidity of the environment – not more than 80% at a temperature of +25 ° C;
  • atmospheric pressure – from 84.0 to 106.7 kPa;
  • resistance to the impact of sinusoidal vibrations with a frequency of 5-9 Hz (with an amplitude of 0.35 mm);
  • dust content of air up to 800 mg / m3;
  • permissible frequency variations in the supply network – from +10% to +15% of the rated voltage.

Main technical characteristics:

  • rated supply voltage – 230 V AC;
  • power input – no more than 320 VA;
  • IP Code accordance to GOST 14254- IP65;
  • weight – not more than 8 kg;
  • ambient air temperature – from 0 to plus 45 ° C;
  • data transmission interface – Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus (on request tothe customer)

As a tool for visualization and archiving of data coming from the Belt Optical Scales, the PIscada software can be used, which allows you to analyze the data, as well as generate the necessary reports.

Conditions of use:

  • climatic category – C3 for products of third kind according to GOST 12997;
  • ambient temperature – from -10°C to +50°C;
  • ambient environment relative humidity – 98% max at a temperature of 35°C;
  • atmospheric pressure – from 84,0 till 106,7 kPa;
  • resistance to the impact of sinusoidal vibrations with a frequency of 5-9 Hz with an amplitude of 0.35 mm;
  • dust content up to 800 mg/ m³;
  • permissible frequency variations in the supply network – from +10% to -15% of the nominal voltage.


Belt Optical Scales